Gateway Manager

Optimize Kong Gateway and Ingress Controller deployments across hybrid, multi-cloud, and Kubernetes environments. Get single-pane management, a 99.9% SLA, and seamless day-2 operations.

Unified management 

Manage all Kong Gateways and Kong Ingress Controllers with a single console. No need for a database to store configuration data.

Robust traffic control

Easily apply plugins for security, transformation, traffic control, authentication, and more. 

Flexible routes

Get the flexibility to expose your services to applications using routes within each control plane.

Effortless upgrades

Simply create new data plane nodes and terminate old ones for a seamless transition — the easiest and safest way to upgrade.

Feature overview

Securely manage access, foster collaboration, and efficiently organize at any scale.

Federated API management

Control planes

Get consistent configuration and policies at scale by organizing Kong Gateway data plane instances, services, teams, and environments into logical groups.

Governance at scale

Control plane groups

Empower platform teams to combine configuration from standard control planes to provide application teams with flexibility, environment isolation, and ease of use while leveraging a single pool of Kong Gateway data planes.

Access control

Role-based access control

Add new developers or partners to specific control planes and enforce consistent role-based access policies.


Secrets management

Improve the security of your data planes with centralized vaults to safely store and retrieve secrets.

Configuration management

Consumer groups

Define rate-limiting tiers for specific consumers, rather than managing each consumer individually. Ideal for API productization.

How it works

Manage your Kong Gateway control plane as a service. Scale quickly with multiple control planes and data planes in any environment.

Keep transactions private and secure with self-hosted data planes. Ensure team-based access with fine-grained role-based control.

Collaborate at scale

Empower teams to securely collaborate and self-manage gateways and services. Maintain centralized control and visibility over the entire ecosystem.

Streamline management

Seamlessly onboard internal and external developers. Instantly adjust policies across control planes, services, routes, and consumers.

Improve governance 

Logically organize your data planes, teams, services, and consumers. Limit access to authorized personnel with role-based access controls (RBAC).

Customer stories

[Kong Konnect] supports our security requirements and our need to segregate workloads from different squads and applications — and Konnect does this very nicely.

Frank van Valkenburg
Business Architect Integration
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API calls across 215 teams 
over the next six months

Kong has enabled us to natively manage our microservices within our Kuberentes clusters while removing our legacy load balancing overhead . . . we have measured a 20% reduction in our overall infrastructure costs.

João G. Lisanti
Head of Site Reliability Engineering
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Reduced TCO

We selected Kong Konnect to power our new API landscape as it was a good fit for the existing ecosystem and also leveraged a lot of our existing team knowledge on top of all the other features it delivers. 

João Mikos
Director of Engineering - Developer Acceleration
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