Can your homegrown API infrastructure meet tomorrow’s demands?

Future-Proof API Security & Scale

Organizations need to connect legacy and modern apps across different clouds, platforms, and protocols, making a DIY approach to APIM extremely difficult. As your business grows, so do the risks. Each API is a unique vulnerability in the eyes of bad actors and too many organizations are trusting homemade solutions. It’s time for real API security and governance. It’s time for Kong.

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You’ve completed the Kong Konnect Quick Start! You can now see your service in Service Hub, gateway service & routing configuration in Runtime Manager, view traffic analytics, and apply more plugins if you choose.

Implement Zero Trust Architecture, Reduce Technical Debt and Enhance IT Governance With Industry Leading API Management

API Gateway Security

Instantly apply API Security, authentication, and traffic control policies consistently across all your services using powerful enterprise and community plugins.

Scalable API Architecture

Run anywhere: manage, monitor, and govern connections between applications across on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments.

API Observability & Governance

Get a real-time, centralized view of all your services. Monitor golden signals such as error rate and latency for each service and route to gain deep insights into your API products.

Homegrown vs Enterprise-Grade

Can your organization handle the high cost, risk, effort, and complexity of a DIY solution?



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Inital configuration and setup

Manual configuration

Source hardware, install and harden OS, install and configure software, integrate myriad of tools, configure for network and deploy in data center.

Out-of-the-box configuration

Instantaneous access to infrastructure, preconfigured with security and architecture best practices, so it works out of the box and you can immediately connect your APIs and services across any cloud, platform or protocol.

Ongoing maintenance

Self-managed maintenance and monitoring

You need to track, install and manage software updates and security patches. You need to monitor system capacity and status.

Leave the management to Kong

Always be on the latest and greatest. We apply software updates and security patches, so you can focus on delivering business value.


Heavy productivity drain

Developers need to create redundant, custom code for network and security functionality for each service.

Unlimited extensibility

Easily add advanced security, authentication, transformation and traffic management functionalities leveraging 100+ out-of-the-box plugins, community and custom plugins.

Kubernetes-native API management

Complex operations to manage Kubernetes APIs

Manual efforts needed to expose, secure, and manage Kubernetes APIs and services.

Kubernetes ready

Kong provides 100% Kubernetes-native architecture and interfaces to enable you to take full advantage of the power of Kubernetes.


Costly, complex and time-consuming

Additional time, cost and complexity of formulating and managing CI/CD processes causing deployment and compliance risks and delaying time-to-market.

Ensure consistency with APIOps

Enable declarative configuration and easily apply proven principles of DevOps and GitOps to automate each phase of the API and microservices lifecycle.


More infrastructure and configuration changes

Requires more infrastructure and configuration changes increasing operational cost and complexity.

Streamlined and fast

Kong's light footprint and stateless architecture allows instant scaling up or down to meet customer demand.
services and support

Enterprise Support and Services

High staffing cost

Significant investment interms of hiring and managing tech staff as well as SMEs.

24/7 x 365 expert support

Accelerate time to value with Kong's dedicated 24/7 x 365 technical support.

Kong Powers Reliable Connections for Global Brands

Learn More About How Kong Helps Drive Cloud Connectivity

Kong named a Gartner© Magic Quadrant Leader for Full Life Cycle API Management

Positioned furthest on the vision axis, 3 years in a row

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It’s Time for Real API Security and Governance

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