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Escape from Apigee

Say no to vendor lock-in and forced migrations

API platforms should adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Enjoy faster runtimes and the freedom to operate on any cloud with Kong, the world’s most downloaded API gateway.
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technology stack

Product Strategy

A cloud native API platform that spans across the entire API lifecycle.

Set of 3 separate disparate products. Apigee Edge and Apigee X are built on different platforms. 


Vendor Lock-In

Truly platform agnostic

Single cloud solution


Kubernetes Native API Management

Manage microservices and APIs natively using Kong Ingress Controller.

Legacy bolt-on approach with many moving parts


Built-in Advanced Security

Advanced out-of-the-box security plugins

Limited security features across all use cases


Deployment Options

Freedom to operate on premises, in cloud, hybrid and container-based environments

Customers are being asked to migrate to Apigee X (built on GCP) which is a complex and expensive migration

serverless support

Dynamic Scalability

Light footprint and stateless architecture allows instant scaling

Large deployment footprint and complex architecture


Radically Extensible

Designed to meet customization needs via plugins

Limited ability to extend and customize

graphql support

CI/CD Integrations

Seamless to all CI/CD vendors and workflows with support for declarative configuration

Requires Apache Maven and XML dependency

enterprise support

Environment Limitations

No limit on microservices or APIs that can be processed by Kong

60 API Proxies per environment limitation which results in scaling issues and higher hardware costs

Kong is the Most Downloaded API Gateway in the World

300M+ Downloads

380B+ API Calls/Day

Kong named a Gartner© Magic Quadrant Leader for Full Life Cycle API Management

Positioned furthest on the vision axis, 3 years in a row

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