Multi-LLM AI Gateway to run, secure, and govern AI traffic

Build and adopt AI faster with the new open source AI plugins for Kong Gateway.

Accelerate AI adoption in your apps

Use, secure, and monitor AI traffic

Easily use, secure, and monitor the most popular LLMs like OpenAI, Azure AI, Cohere, Anthrophic, LLamMA, and Mistral.

Advanced AI contexts and prompts

Introduce an advanced level of prompt engineering into your AI requests to implement AI compliance and governance.

No-code AI integrations

Power your existing API traffic with AI using the new no-code AI plugins without writing any code in your applications.

Watch Kong AI Gateway in action

Make your first AI request

Build new AI applications faster with multiple LLMs, AI security, AI metrics, and more.

No-code AI on request

Power all existing API traffic with AI without writing code with declarative configuration.

No-code on AI response

Transform, enrich, and augment API responses with no-code AI integrations.

Secure your AI prompts

Implement advanced prompt security by determining what behaviors are allowed or not.

Build prompt templates

Create better prompts with AI templates that are compatible with the OpenAI interface.

Build AI contexts better

Centrally manage the contexts and behaviors of every AI prompt for security and more.

Now it’s your turn to build with AI

Run AI on lightweight Kong Gateway

The most performant and pluggable ecosystem for AI infrastructure.

For Developers

Build multi-AI applications faster and with no-code

Build AI integrations across one or more LLM providers — cloud or self-hosted — using Kong’s OpenAI-compatible endpoint that allows you to support them all. Centrally manage AI credentials, AI logs, and more.

For Platform Teams

Offer AI as a platform service to accelerate every team

Simply upgrade your Kong Gateway to have an AI Gateway that multiple teams can use to generate and manage all AI traffic, build advanced prompts, detect and prevent abuse, and collect AI observability.

AI Metrics and Observability

L7 observability on AI traffic for cost monitoring and tuning

Gain insights on every AI request sent by your applications and capture detailed information to understand and optimize your AI usage and costs, with support for 10+ logging ingestors.

Build AI applications today

Start building advanced AI applications with Kong’s open source AI Gateway.