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Take Control of Your Kubernetes Clusters

Natively manage your APIs in Kubernetes to seamlessly implement policies for security, identity, traffic management, and more across every cluster

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    Reduce Disruptions and Outages

    Reduce Disruptions Outages

    Natively manage Kong via Kubernetes CRDs to deliver auto-scaling and eliminate the risk of disruptions caused by configuration drift.

    Strengthen Your Security

    Strengthen Your Security

    Implement security and identity policies directly into your YAML file to ensure consistency across VM and kubernetes workloads.

    Boost Dev Efficiency

    Boost Dev Efficiency

    Automatically generate Kong Declarative or Kong Ingress Controller configurations with directly from OpenAPI spec files anywhere in your CI/CD pipeline.

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    Kubernetes-native API Management

    Configure Kong Gateway the same way as k8s, using kubectl with a declarative API to implement traffic management, transformations, and observability across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.

    • Gain global visibility at the ingress
    • Natively manage using CRDs
    • Implement rate-limiting and other traffic policies
    • Declarative configuration for Ingress and API Gateway resources
    • OpenShift, AKS, EKS, GKE and more

    Kubernetes Native Management


    Single Source of Truth for Security

    Bridge the gap between legacy and cloud-native by unifying Kubernetes security and identity policies with all your other workloads.

    • Support for Kubernetes, VMs and Baremetal
    • Inject security and identity into YAML files
    • Validate specs to ensure that policies are in place

    Workflows Built for GitOps

    Seamlessly integrate with Git providers to minimize friction in pushing configurations for your Kubernetes Ingress and API Gateway through the pipeline.

    • Automatic Spec Generation
    • NAutomated testing on every push

    Built for GitOps

    Questions about breaking your monolith down into smaller parts?

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