Innovate faster with
API governance in place

Define, apply, and enforce governance policies consistently across
API gateways, ingress controllers, and meshes.

Build higher-quality APIs across your organization

Governance ensures that APIs are developed, deployed, and managed in a consistent, secure, and compliant manner that adheres to DevOps principles, regulatory requirements, and industry standards.

Learn how Verifone, the world's leading payment provider, improved APIM time to market by 20X and reduced TCO by 75% with Kong.

The benefits of API governance

Comply with regulations without compromising development velocity

Achieve API security, consistency, and compliance through automation, collaboration, and decentralization.

Relieve application teams from architectural concerns

Provide application teams with a self-service API platform that provides the flexibility and controls to deploy and run their applications on the clouds, infrastructures, and regions of their choice.

Enhance developer productivity through adaptable APIs

Build applications faster through APIs that are secure, reusable, and of high quality across teams, ranging from dozens to hundreds.

An API governance solution that drives secure innovation

Federated API management at scale

Kong delivers a federated model deployed through an API platform that enables you to balance the architectural requirements of different application teams while ensuring compliance with regulations and corporate best practices.

Learn how GCash implemented a decentralized architecture while enforcing consistency and reliability with Kong.

Encode governance into onboarding

Grant developers tailored access to services via Kong’s role-based access control (RBAC) to provide fine-grained governance right from the beginning, starting with onboarding.

Learn how MNRB Holdings Berhad streamlined developer onboarding, intuitive content management for documentation, and role-based access control with Kong.

Govern, secure, and manage all AI traffic

Implement built-in logging, credential management, data sanitization, security, and traffic control with Kong’s AI plugins.

Remove governance friction

Kong empowers you to define, apply, and enforce governance policies programmatically and consistently across gateways, ingress controllers, and meshes in diverse operating environments and protocols.

Learn how Raiffeisen Bank ensured operational resilience by standardizing data access with fine-grained security and centralized governance.

A single location for all your API governance needs

Kong streamlines the management of your APIs through a single audit platform that delivers change tracking and monitoring across your entire API landscape.

Learn how Kong provided Fubon Financial with the ability to provision API governance in a centralized fashion across the entirety of its business.

Gartner names Kong a Leader

For the fourth consecutive year, Kong was named a Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for API Management

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