April 22, 2019
1 min read

Kong Community Documentation: Mentoring Technical Writers


Calling all technical writers! Kong is applying to participate in this year’s Season of Docs and would love to work alongside you. The goal is to foster collaboration between open source projects and technical writers.

Season of Docs is a unique program that pairs technical writers with our open source mentors to introduce the technical writer to our open source community and provide guidance while the writer works on a real-world open source project.

Our open source documentation, which can be found on this repository, will be undergoing some major refactoring in the upcoming months. We would like to work with technical writers during this process to improve on the existing guides and enhance the accessibility to Kong. In order to enhance the accessibility, the technical writer(s) will work alongside our mentors to find hidden assumptions and perform substantive editing to fix such assumptions. Additionally, technical writers will also play a key role in expanding our existing style guide and technical writing guide throughout the program. By adding to our guides, we want technical writers to help solidify the structure to all future Kong documentation.

Learn more about Kong's community here and check back on April 30th to see the finalized list of this year's Season of Docs participants!

Please contact Kevin Chen at if you have any questions.