January 8, 2024
2 min read

Kong Konnect is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Erin Choi
Product Marketing @ Kong

Now you can find and purchase Kong Konnect through the Google Cloud Marketplace! Kong Konnect is the unified API platform that allows you to manage multiple gateways across service meshes, ingress, cloud, and Kubernetes providers no matter where they run — on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud.

Get the best of both worlds with Kong Konnect and Google Cloud

The Kong Konnect platform provides organizations with the flexibility to operate seamlessly across cloud and hybrid environments. And now that it’s available for subscription directly through the Google Cloud Marketplace, you can leverage your Google Cloud committed spend for Kong transactions through Google Cloud Marketplace while using the best-of-breed API management tool Kong Konnect.

How to get started with Kong Konnect through the Google Cloud Marketplace

To get started, visit our listing on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Click on “Subscribe” to be directed to the Order Summary page (see below). From there, you can sign up for Kong Konnect using your Google Cloud account, which will enable integrated billing.

After subscribing on this page, you’ll be redirected to sign up for Kong Konnect on the following page.

You can subscribe to a basic plan of Kong Konnect that includes up to 10 services and 100 million API requests through the Google Cloud Marketplace. If you have requirements for custom pricing, EULA, and/or other contracts, you may also reach out to us at for more information about how Kong can help your specific business needs.

Maximize your committed spend with Kong Konnect

Ready to get started today? Kong Konnect is now available across all three marketplaces: Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

For enterprises seeking security, a high level of control, and scalability for their API services, it’s critical to invest in the best infrastructure. See an overview and demo of Kong Konnect in our on-demand API Summit virtual session. We cover how technology leaders can leverage Konnect to build a world-class API lifecycle management platform. Or, watch our webinar on the dynamic duo of service mesh and API gateway to learn more about the fundamental security principles that should guide your strategy for a resilient and scalable digital ecosystem. 

If you have any questions about Kong Konnect through Google Cloud Marketplace or are interested in speaking directly to our sales team, please reach out to us at