January 31, 2024
1 min read

Kong Gateway Enterprise 3.2.x.x EOL

Veena Rajarathna
Staff Product Manager, Kong

As of February 2024, Kong Gateway Enterprise 3.2.x.x will enter its End Of Life (EOL) phase and out of the full support cycle. Following this, Kong Gateway Enterprise 3.2.x.x will enter a 12-month sunset support period, exclusively focused on helping customers upgrade to a current version of Kong Gateway Enterprise. The 12-month period ends in February 2025.

As a reminder, Kong Gateway Enterprise versions have 12 months of full support and a subsequent 12 months of sunset support. You can view our support policy on our documentation here. 

From our documentation, Sunset Support means:

“After the product hits the end of the support period, Kong will provide limited support to help the customer upgrade to a fully supported version of Kong Gateway Enterprise for up to an additional 12-month sunset period. Kong will not provide patches for software covered by this sunset period. If there is an issue that requires a patch during this period, the customer will need to upgrade to a newer Kong Gateway Enterprise version covered by active support.”

We encourage customers to upgrade to a supported version of Kong Gateway Enterprise. If you're unable to upgrade within a 12-month period on a consistent basis, we would recommend that you upgrade to the latest LTS version. For Kong Gateway Enterprise, this means 3.4.x.x.