December 16, 2020
2 min read

Kong Launches Kong Enterprise on Top Cloud Marketplaces

Kristian Gyorkos

I'm excited to announce that Kong Enterprise, our modern, scalable service connectivity platform, is now available on top cloud marketplaces, including AWS Marketplace and GovCloud (US) regions, Azure Marketplace, Google Cloud Platform, and Red Hat Marketplace!

Built on Kong's core open source software, Kong Enterprise acts as the nervous system of the cloud - intelligently connecting APIs and microservices natively within and across clouds, Kubernetes, data centers and more. By seamlessly managing the full lifecycle of services across an organization, Kong Enterprise accelerates digital innovation and makes it easier for technology teams to pivot to service-driven business models, including in response to business disruptions.

Today more than ever, technology leaders need agility and flexibility in their enterprise investments, including the ability to quickly create and manage new services to keep pace with pressing business needs. Developers and technology teams can now access Kong Enterprise from their preferred cloud vendor and take full advantage of existing discounts that are available to them. Kong Enterprise supports multi-cloud and hybrid deployments to speed up innovation cycles and accelerate time to market of internal and external services regardless of an organization's existing infrastructure.

Designed for the modern era of software development such as microservices, service mesh, serverless and other emerging architectures, Kong Enterprise helps developer teams create scalable, microservice-based applications that drive business growth. Customers can benefit from special deals that cloud marketplaces may offer to bundle and manage multiple software packages, such as Kong Enterprise with other complementary products including monitoring and analytics platforms.

Developers and technology teams can learn more about Kong Enterprise today from their preferred cloud vendor at: