October 2, 2019
2 min read

Kong Acquires Insomnia – Expanding Our Offering With Advanced API Testing

Augusto Marietti
CEO & Co-Founder of Kong

Introducing Insomnia

Today we are excited to welcome Insomnia to the team at Kong!

Insomnia has been on our radar at Kong for quite some time. I was first introduced to Insomnia and Greg in the early days of the project, and I am proud to have been one of the earliest supporters. From the first, I knew that Insomnia was solving a real problem for developers, and it has been amazing to see the community of contributors grow as more and more developers adopt Insomnia to make testing and debugging APIs easier.

Insomnia started as a side-project for Gregory over five years ago, and three years ago Greg left his full-time job to pursue Insomnia as a solopreneur. Following the evolution of Insomnia from Chrome web app to open source standalone desktop app to the addition of a paid plan, Marco and I also saw a story that parallels the journey we have been on at Kong from open source project to sustainable open core business. Throughout the journey, serving users and the community has always come first.

Besides being a great addition to our portfolio of open source projects, Insomnia is a strategic acquisition to help Kong along the next step in our journey to build the service control platform for the future. Insomnia serves as the foundation for Kong Studio, the first-ever product from Kong focused on helping customers build and test their APIs and microservices.

Staying true to our open source values at Kong and our mission to serve the broader API community, you can be sure that we will be maintaining Insomnia as an open source project. We will continue to support the maintenance and development of the project, and promise that the acquisition will not lead to disruption for existing Insomnia users (whether paid or not).

Looking to a bright future ahead with Greg and the Insomnia community joining the Kong family!