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July 27, 2023
2 min read

Changes Coming to Kong Package Hosting

Isa Farnik

Coming to a package manager near you: new package hosting for Kong Gateway

We're excited to announce that Kong is now working with Cloudsmith to host our community edition and enterprise edition gateway packages. With new hosting comes a couple of changes to how you, our loyal customers, will be receiving our software.

A new repository layout emerges! We previously housed packages in per-gateway-major-version, and per-OS-version repositories ("gateway-3.x-ubuntu-jammy"). Cloudsmith lets us do away with that using their "multi-format" repositories feature. With multi-format repos, we can now house packages of several formats, for several OSs, in a single repo. So we've opted to go with per-gateway-major-minor-version repository names ("gateway-33" would house all gateway versions 3.3(.x(.x)) for all OSs). Pretty neat! We hope this simplifies the process of setting up repositories for our software.

Kong Gateway version 2.7 and older can be found in a new "gateway-legacy" repo that uses the old metadata signing key from our old site.

Let's face it, our old download site was a little . . . boring. Luckily, Cloudsmith offers us an antidote to that. Check out in a web browser to peruse our package repositories, view/verify public keys, download single packages, search across all our packages using Cloudsmith's query syntax, browse by tags, view package checksums, setup package repositories (via the "Set Me Up!" button), and more! Much less boring.

We expect this transition to benefit our customers in some other key ways as well:

  • Metadata signing keys, now accessible through the UI, repo-specific, and easily rotate-able/maintainable for us
  • Debian/apt repository metadata signing is now enabled for all repos

When will the old download site be retired?

To make this transition as seamless as possible, the old download site will be around for at least another 6-months from this announcement per our deprecation policy.

For additional details, please refer to our documentation.