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June 27, 2024
3 min read

Introducing Insomnia 9.3 GA with After-Response Scripting, Global Environments, Folder-Level Configuration, and More

Marco Palladino
CTO and Co-Founder

Today, we're pleased to announce another packed release for Kong Insomnia with many new features and improvements. We recommend every user update to this latest version, available for download today at

After-response scripting

We've released after-response scripting, which in combination with the existing pre-request scripting, allows you to write custom behavior both before a request is being sent and after a response has been received.

The pre-request and after-response scripting section.

With after-response scripting, you can now write tests within a collection to verify that the responses are matching the desired output and to build multi-request orchestration to set up both collection and global environment variables with new values, especially useful for complex authentication flows like OAuth.

Global environments

Finally, Insomnia ships with global environments that we can use across multiple collections, including the ability to leverage them in pre-request and after-response scripting. You can create as many global environments as you wish, so you aren't limited to only one, and decide to store them locally on your computer, or leverage Cloud Sync or Git Sync for collaboration (based on your storage settings for your projects).

Global environments also ship with the ability to create private local environments within them that are never shared outside your local computer, even if the overall global environment file has been created with Cloud Sync or Git Sync enabled. This allows us to even further control the data that we export for collaboration.

We can create private sub-environments that are always local, even if the overall global environment is configured to work with Cloud Sync or Git Sync.

To use global environments, a new file “Environments” type has been created alongside collections, design documents, and mocks that you can easily access from your dashboard.

You can create one or more global environments from the dashboard.

And then, you can apply one or more global environments within your collections, in addition to collection-level and folder-level environment variables.

You can select one or more global environments in your collections.

Folder-level settings, passphrase-less, and a lot more

It's now possible to set up folder-level authentication, environments, headers, and scripting within your collections. By doing so, you can further control your request grouping within a collection and determine more appropriate behavior at any time. To use this capability, simply click on the folder that you would like to configure and you are ready to go.

In this new release, we've shipped countless performance improvements and enhancements. We've also introduced the ability to optionally disable your passphrase if you don’t want to leverage E2EE (end-to-end encryption) anymore and be prompted with a passphrase every time you use Insomnia.

You can enable — or disable — E2EE by going to your account preferences.

At Kong, we're keeping our innovation and release momentum very high with Insomnia, and you can expect even more exciting capabilities in the upcoming new versions.

Get started for free with Kong Insomnia 9.3

To start using the new capabilities, get started for free with Insomnia 9.3 today!