Product Releases
February 28, 2024
2 min read

Announcing Insomnia’s New Storage Control To Mandate Local-Only, Cloud, or Git Storage for APIs in the Organization

Marco Palladino
CTO and Co-Founder

Today we’re excited to announce that Kong Insomnia has shipped Storage Control, a new enterprise capability that allows administrators in an Insomnia organization to mandate what type of backend storage developers are allowed to use when creating API assets like API collections, API specifications, environments configuration, authentications data, and more.

In a world where API assets like collections, their authentications, and API specifications are at the backbone of every digital business, it becomes imperative to ensure that our API data is stored securely across the organization. While Insomnia already allows developers to store their API assets in the cloud, local-only, and on Git, up until now the organization had to trust their developers to do the right thing

With this new capability, Insomnia administrators can choose to mandate a specific storage setting across one or more Insomnia organizations, so they have the certainty that the developers will only be able to store their API data in the approved backend storage locations. By doing so, they can accelerate compliance and increase security across their entire API portfolio, across every team and line of business.

With storage control, enterprise administrators now have full control over where the Insomnia data is being stored for each organization that they create.

This new feature is available by default today for every Insomnia enterprise customer and can be accessed by logging into the Insomnia account in the Enterprise settings section. Finally, different organizations can have different storage backend settings to enable greater flexibility in how we want to manage our sensitive API data.

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