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December 15, 2022
3 min read

Kong Insomnia 2022.7 Adds OpenAPI 3.1 Support, Custom Linting Rules

Adam Jiroun

We're excited to announce the general availability of Kong Insomnia 2022.7. This update brings several new capabilities into the fold with a focus on improving API quality and driving productivity. Read on to learn more about what's new in Kong Insomnia.

Introducing Organizations

Providing a streamlined, developer-friendly experience will always be one of Kong Insomnia's core areas of focus. In this release, we’re introducing a new sidebar to the UI that will simplify the navigation process between organizations.

Similar to the concept of Workspaces, this capability is yet another step towards streamlining governance and collaboration within the application. The organization sidebar will be available to all users, irrespective of plan type.

Figure 1: New Organization Sidebar

gRPC Server Reflection Support

New and improved gRPC functionality is now available in 2022.7 with support for server reflection.

This update allows for users to grab API definitions directly from a gRPC API. This means it’s no longer necessary to find and upload proto files to Kong Insomnia in order to make gRPC requests.

Figure 2: gRPC Server Reflection

OpenAPI 3.1 Support

We're happy to announce that Kong Insomnia now supports OpenAPI 3.1.

The OpenAPI Specification has quickly become the industry standard for helping organizations scale their API programs via design-first workflows and automation of the API lifecycle.

In OpenAPI 3.0, a simplified document structure was introduced to make it easier to write and reuse API definitions. Now with support for the latest version of OpenAPI, 3.1, Kong Insomnia users gain immediate access to several more improvements, including:

  • Webhooks support: Describe webhooks provided by your API in your OpenAPI specification, the same way you describe your API paths.
  • JSON support: Full compatibility with JSON Schema's latest draft (2020-12). This version emphasizes schema extension standardization.
  • Standards-based focus: Improved processes for code creation, UI development, and documentation.

Figure 3: OpenAPI 3.1 in Kong Insomnia. Note: in an effort to maintain a streamlined interface, the previous Swagger UI will no longer be auto-generated in this view.

Custom Linting Rules

For an API strategy to be successful, it's important to ensure that the quality and consistency of each API is validated up front. To that end, we're excited to share that custom linting - one of our most popular feature requests - is now available in Kong Insomnia 2022.7.

Along with the ability to more easily define your API specs with OpenAPI 3.1, you can now also leverage custom linting rulesets within the Inso CLI and in the native UI for more flexibility in the API validation stage.

To see this new feature in action, check out this demo from our very own Director of Developer Experience, Michael Heap.

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