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March 1, 2023
2 min read

Kong Konnect Adds Portal RBAC API, OAS Validation Plugin

Ishwari Lokare

Wondering what’s new in Kong Konnect? In this roundup, we’ll highlight some of the new capabilities and expansions in Kong Konnect, including portal role-based access control (RBAC) API, OAS validation plugin, and support for Kong Gateway 3.2. Read on to learn more.


You can now use Portal RBAC API to create and manage developer teams with fine-grained permissions to access the dev portal features, including service packages and application registration. This enhances security while improving efficiency for your service and portal admins as they can now easily manage and maintain access control for a large number of users and services in the dev portal.

You can assign two roles to your portal developers:

  • API viewer: Allows dev portal developers to view the service package exposed to the dev portal
  • API consumer: Allows dev portal developers to register to and access the services with credentials generated from the dev portal

Refer to our documentation for additional details.

Kong Konnect supports Kong Gateway 3.2

Kong Konnect now supports Kong Gateway 3.2, including the global session for the OpenID Connect plugin, latency-based steering, and key entity support. You can deploy and manage Kong Gateway 3.2 runtime instances across any cloud or on-prem environment using the Konnect Runtime Manager.

Get started with the newest version of Kong Gateway in Konnect.

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) Validation Plugin

The OpenAPI Specification is an industry standard for describing modern APIs for HTTP, including RESTful APIs. The OAS Validation plugin validates your request and response format against a standard API definition. This helps API consumers to send their request with all mandatory data fields in query parameters, headers, and payload and also does the same sets of upstream service responses check on the way back.

Even better, you can use a webhook to post a notification to a configurable endpoint, where you can see why an API request or response failed to pass the validation and assist you in carrying out the root cause analysis later.

Next Steps

Looking to learn more? Dive into all the details in the documentation.

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