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November 1, 2022
3 min read

Kong Konnect Increases Security, Streamlines API Management

Ishwari Lokare

We’re excited to announce new features in Kong Konnect, including the ability to take advantage of identity management APIs, streamlined certificate management, and latency metrics as part of Analytics. Read on to learn about these features and how kong helps future-proof API security.

Identity Management API

Now you can manage your users and their access to Kong Konnect from your choice of identity provider or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. You can build custom integrations with Konnect’s identity management APIs to manage users, teams, team memberships, team mappings, and role assignments.

Refer to our documentation for additional details.

Streamlined Certificate Management

Now you can have better visibility for your certificate management operations to reduce operational complexity and ensure consistent certificate configurations. Use Runtime Manager to create, store, and organize all of the certificates required for runtime instances connected to your runtime groups.

Figure 1: Streamlined certificate management

Dynamic Client Registration Available in Public Beta

We’re happy to announce that developer portal integration with Okta now graduates to public beta for Enterprise subscribers. With this integration, you can reduce the overhead of creating the application and mapping the credentials in both the Dev Portal and third-party identity provider. The Dev Portal directly integrates with your existing identity provider for the client authentication and authorization management, providing a more secure solution for your distributed applications.

You can learn more about dynamic client registration in the documentation.

Service Version Lifecycle Labels

Now you can label services according to their lifecycle stage: Publish, Deprecated, or Unpublished.

Apply these labels to individual service versions in Service Hub, which will also be reflected in the Dev Portal. Enable API developers to clearly communicate with API consumers (both internal and external) about the lifecycle of a service version. For example, a service version labeled "Deprecated" indicates that it will be deprecated soon, suggesting API consumers to switch to another service version.

Figure 2: Service version lifecycle labels

Monitor Request-Level Latency in Kong Analytics

Get real-time insights into how your APIs and gateways are performing using Kong Analytics (formerly known as "Vitals").

With Analytics, you can visually track the golden signals of monitoring — traffic, error rate, and now latency to help you quickly identify any application performance issues.

View latency information for each request for runtime groups and services across the Kong Konnect platform. Visibility into latency metrics helps you quickly identify and address any performance issues to optimize overall performance.

Update your runtimes to Kong Gateway 3.0 to take advantage of latency monitoring. Get started with the newest version or upgrade to the latest version of Kong Gateway in Konnect today.

Figure 3: Analytics overview latency insights

Runtime Manager UI Enhancements

Enjoy an easier-to-use, more intuitive user experience in Runtime Manager. Now, runtime group IDs will not be shown in the summary view. You will be able to see IDs in the Runtime Group – Instances view.

The Runtime Instances table under the Runtime Manager – Instances view can now be refreshed using the refresh button to ensure the latest status for each instance is shown. Additionally, if a runtime instance is disconnected, you have the option to remove its entry from the table instead of waiting for it to be cleared as a part of the auto-refresh cycle.

Lastly, in the Runtime Instances view, after any edits to the runtime group, you will now return to the Runtime Instances view instead of returning to the Runtime Manager overview page.

Figure 4: Runtime Instances view

What To Do Next

Want to learn more? Dive into all the details in the documentation.

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