What’s your API strategy for the cloud?

Design, deploy, and govern APIs at every step of your cloud migration

Shouldn’t your API manager be as cloud native as your applications? Don’t trust security and governance to tech dinosaurs or legacy solutions. Get ahead of the crowd with a cloud native platform built to meet you wherever you are on your digital transformation journey — on prem, hybrid, or entirely in the cloud. No other solution offers the same flexibility for your application modernization. Get started with Kong.

One API platform for every step of your cloud transformation

One platform, many patterns

As companies break monlithic applications into more specialized microservices, connectivity between those services becomes essential. To facilitate this evolution, organizations need a platform that connects, orchestrates and ensures the health of their services. Kong's cloud native API platform is trusted by innovative organizations to strengthen the connections across all services - whether monolith or microservice, bare metal, containerized, hybrid or multi-cloud.


API-first organizations powered by Kong

We are aggressively moving our APIs into a containerized ecosystem. All of our legacy services and any new APIs that we develop will all be running through the Kong platform by default.

Jayakumar Ganesan
Head of Service – Digital Platforms

With Kong, we knew that we would get something that would work perfectly with our technology today and set us for where we want to go. Kong allows us to deploy on-premise, easily integrates with all the technologies we use across the company, and gives us the flexibility we want to avoid vendor lock-in.

Kanaderu Fukuda
Senior Manager of Computing

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