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Accelerate Your Microservices Journey With a Service Mesh

Unify API connectivity, observability, and infrastructure security in any environment with Kong

Reduce down-time, achieve Zero-Trust Security, and unlock global observability with a modern service mesh designed for today’s, and tomorrow’s, architecture.

How Kong Mesh Works

Kong Mesh abstracts service-to-service connectivity into policies that are centrally managed and automatically applied to each service.


Learn How a Service Mesh Addresses Fault Tolerance, API Security, and Infrastructure Automation

Learning Center

What is Service Mesh?

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Learning Center

Understanding Service Mesh Architecture

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Implementing Zero-Trust Service Mesh Security

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The Difference Between API Gateways and Service Mesh

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How an API Gateway and a Service Mesh Work Together in the Cloud Native World

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Case Study

NexJ Systems: Intelligently route traffic across any platform and any cloud to meet expectations and SLAs

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