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Gain the ultimate edge in terms of digital experience, speed, and innovation with Kong. Increase revenue, get to market faster, and achieve zero-trust security with a full-lifecycle API management solution accelerating fintech application development at the world’s leading financial institutions.

Build a Finance API Strategy for Open
Banking, Embedded Finance, and Beyond

Open Banking Standards

Customers and regulators are setting requirements for both transparency and trust to ensure the customer – and their personal data – is protected. The end result of the open-banking revolution will essentially be the decoupling of financial products and services from the underlying systems on which they run.

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API Economy

An internal API economy lets institutions create a valuable catalog of APIs which developers leverage and reuse for future projects and outcomes. At the same time, a robust external API economy lets banks expose their financial products and data for other brands to embed within their offerings, providing new revenue streams.

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Fintech Compliance

More financial institutions and upstarts are adopting a Zero Trust security stance. This completely removes the concept of trust from the environment and relies on a powerful API platform to ensure strong authentication and authorization between all services and APIs.

Embedded Finance

When core banking products can be easily offered by other brands, and even whitelabeled to appear like a product from that other brand, it’s possible for both the brand to benefit from a happier, more fulfilled customer, and the bank to benefit from potentially a net new customer.

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