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Yahoo! Japan Accelerates Service Development with Kong


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Yahoo! Japan Case Study

Yahoo! Japan is the undisputed market leader with more than 70 billion page views each month. To maintain market leadership, Yahoo! Japan began transitioning towards microservices to accelerate service development and deployment. Consequently, Yahoo! Japan needed a new API platform to centralize its portfolio of APIs and to improve the security, availability and performance of its services.



  • Inadequate speed of development and deployment of services
  • Insufficient consistency across redundant application functions
  • Incomplete visibility across developers and thousands of APIs


  • Kong API gateway, message queueing service and FaaS implementation
  • Kong plugins for common functionalities such as authentication
  • Multi-tenant capability to support hundreds of service development teams


  • Significantly improved operations and developer productivity, saving hundreds of hours in writing code
  • Centralized the authentication and authorization functionalities
  • Enabled circuit breaker and canary release capabilities
  • Decoupled service development from platform operations

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