September 28, 2023
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Kong Announces Insomnia 8.0: A New Era of API Development Powered by Advanced AI and Collaborative Capabilities

Latest Release Features Real-Time Collaboration, Enhanced Organization Management and AI-Generated Testing to Accelerate API Design and Developer Efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Sept. 28, 2023 — Kong Inc., a leading developer of cloud API technologies, today announced the release of Kong Insomnia 8.0, a comprehensive update to its widely popular API development tool. With this release, Kong continues its commitment to simplifying and accelerating API design, debugging and testing for developers and teams around the world. The announcement was made at API Summit 2023, the company’s annual conference focusing on API innovation.

A standout feature in this release is Insomnia AI, which revolutionizes API testing. This tool, available exclusively to Kong Insomnia Enterprise customers, harnesses artificial intelligence to auto-generate tests and is designed to improve developer productivity by up to 30%. This streamlines the development process, saves time and optimizes engineering resources significantly by leveraging generative AI to automate the testing of APIs. Insomnia AI marks the beginning of AI-powered features that will be introduced in select Kong products in the future.

Additionally, Kong Insomnia 8.0 introduces new real-time collaboration functionality, allowing users to seamlessly work together on API design projects in a way reminiscent of collaborating on a Google Doc. Teams can now conveniently invite members to collaborate, view who is currently working on a file and experience improved syncing capabilities.

The popularity of Kong Insomnia is increasing fast, with the number of active users more than doubling to over 300,000 in the last 12 months alone. This growth is echoed by the developer community’s endorsement, as reflected by its more than 30,000 stars on GitHub, and attractive pricing of Kong Insomnia premium plans — ranging from $5 a month for Individual users up to $45 for Insomnia Enterprise users. 

“With the introduction of Insomnia AI in Kong Insomnia 8.0, we’re reshaping the landscape of API development tools and the market itself. This release marks a major step forward in our mission to simplify the lives of developers, making it easier and more efficient for teams to design, test and collaborate on APIs,” said Marco Palladino, CTO and co-founder of Kong Inc.

New and enhanced features available in Kong Insomnia 8.0 include:

  • Enhanced organizations with EE SSO: Evolving the ‘Teams’ concept into ‘Organizations’ makes it easier to manage large and complex setups, with support for unlimited Organizations. In addition, Kong Insomnia’s new web platform enables users to manage organizations and users more efficiently with the introduction of Enterprise SSO (Single Sign On) support and RBAC (Role Based Access Control). This platform provides a new dashboard to manage invites and streamlines SSO and payment flows.
  • New API protocol support: Alongside existing support for REST, gRPC, WebSockets and GraphQL, Kong Insomnia 8.0 introduces support for Server-Sent Events (SSE). With this new protocol, Kong Insomnia now supports 99% of the APIs developers are creating and testing.
  • Redesigned collaboration experience: Sharing API specifications and collections has never been easier. This new version of Kong Insomnia shows in real-time who is collaborating on a resource. And with the entirely redesigned version of our web platform at it’s easier than ever to manage large groups of collaborators.


Kong Insomnia 8.0 is available for free and in a tiered subscription model. Tiers include Individual, Team and Enterprise versions that are intended to cater to a variety of user needs. Recognizing the demand for high-value, cost-effective solutions, Kong has strategically priced these subscriptions to be very affordable, providing exceptional value. This competitive pricing model, along with the availability of a free version, is part of Kong's commitment to empowering developers and enterprises with top-notch API development tools without breaking the bank.

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