Smarter, Faster, More Productive:
Creating a Developer Platform that Empowers Publishers and Consumers

Technology teams are looking for opportunities to do more with less. Organizations that create a developer platform for the distributed world are accelerating time to market and reducing costs with automation.

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    Organizations embracing distributed architectures risk slowing development velocity, increasing management overhead and reducing service discoverability due to their legacy API platforms. Legacy solutions lack CI/CD integrations, cannot deploy natively on Kubernetes and don’t provide visibility into services. Organizations will be able to maximize speed without sacrificing quality or control by bringing end-to-end automation, streamlined developer onboarding, and native integrations with containers and Kubernetes to their developer platforms.

    This eBook will guide you on what it takes to build an engaging developer platform that achieves a proper balance of infrastructure flexibility and performance elasticity to address developer needs, while also managing increasing geographic dispersion and unpredictable usage volumes.

    Key takeaways:

    • The serious challenges that development teams face to provide an accessible, navigable, programmable API platform
    • How distributed architectures change the requirements for developer platforms
    • Why spec-driven development, CI/CD tools and Kubernetes-native declarative configuration are key to overcoming the most common challenges to building a developer platform