The Importance of Zero-Trust Security When Making the Microservices Move

How a service mesh can achieve bank-grade security for established and emerging microservices patterns. 

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    Zero-trust security provides technology teams with a scalable way to make security fool-proof while managing a growing number of microservices and greater complexity. That’s right–and although it seems counterintuitive at first–with microservices, we now have the opportunity to secure our applications and all of their services better than we ever did with monolithic codebases. Failure to do so will results in non-secure, exploitable and non-compliant architectures that are only going to become more difficult to secure in the future.

    Key takeaways:

    • Why we need zero-trust security
    • Best practices for service identity and how platform architects can specify specific rules and attributes to generate an identity on a per-service basis
    • How service mesh removes the burden of networking from developers, enabling them to focus more on their core logic