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Kong Gateway 2.0 Deep Dive

Event Ended
February 11, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the general availability of Kong Gateway 2.0. With this release the technology will become more platform-agnostic to deploy it across on-premises and the cloud (Hybrid mode), and it also becomes more development language agnostic.

Join Guanlan, Engineering Manager at Kong, to take a deep dive into the key capabilities of the 2.0 release including:

  • Hybrid Mode - In hybrid mode, the cluster is managed through the admin API of the control plane. The control planes are then responsible for distributing changes of the configurations to the data plane nodes, that handle the actual user traffic. Cluster management is greatly simplified by running control-plane nodes using a database while data plane nodes dont need to connect to a database and can be run DB-less.
  • Go Plugin Support - Plugins can now be written in Go as well as Lua. The Plugin Development Kit (PDK) gives developers access and control to the request and response flow of proxied requests. For Go developers we are providing a Go port of the PDK that provides the same functionality as when using Lua but with a native Go feel.
  • Lets EncryptIntegration - Traffic can now be encrypted using certificates provided by Lets Encrypt or any other ACMEv2 compatible Certificate Authority (CA), which eliminates the need to generate and renew your own certificates.
  • Major Prometheus Plugin Performance Improvement - Requests per second are now up to 100% faster.

Well also open it up for Q&A to answer any questions you might have on the 2.0 release.