User Call

Kong Gateway 2.0 – Sneak Peek

Event Ended
November 12, 2019

At Kong Summit, we announced the Alpha release of Kong Gateway 2.0. With this release, we are especially excited to address some of the most common requests from our community, as well as lay the foundation for continued growth and innovation within our open-source platform.

Join Kong Engineering Manager, Guanlan Dai, for a sneak peek of the new capabilities coming in 2.0:

  • Go Plugin PDK - New PDKs allow users to develop Kong plug-ins in other popular languages, first up is Go.
  • Hybrid Mode - Separates the data plane and control plane, allowing greater flexibility in infrastructure architecture and enabling the Hybrid mode.
  • mTLS Support - Supports presenting a specific certificate while handshaking with upstream or other services for increased security.

Guanlan will demo the new Hybrid Mode, showing how you can deploy your data plane on-prem to get the maximum performance and also get the convenience to access your control plane on the cloud. Well also open it up to Q&A to answer any questions you might have on whats coming in 2.0.