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Kong Gateway 3.5 Updates & WASM Support

Event Ended
December 12, 2023

We are thrilled to share with you the updates from the Kong Gateway 3.5 release! You will find a ton of new features, anchored by improvements across observability, security posture, performance, and deVx.


  • A Universal Request ID (CE):
  • On Demand Gateway Debugging (CE)


  • Azure Vault Support (EE)
  • Sender Constrained Access Tokens
  • Improved AWS IAM Integrations (CE/EE)


  • Dedicated Configuration Processing (CE)


  • AssemblyScript Support for WASM (CE)

We will also talk about the improvements in WebAssembly support in Kong Gateway 3.5. Since our initial release in 3.4, we’ve taken your feedback to heart and made various changes and improvements to both the back-end implementation of this feature and the end-user experience.

We'll look at configuration changes, new Admin API endpoints, and, most excitingly, the new support for AssemblyScript, the Wasm-oriented dialect of TypeScript that should be instantly familiar to developers coming from the JS ecosystem.

Presented By
Veena Rajarathna
Staff Product Manager, Kong
Hisham Muhammad
Software Engineer & Product Manager (WebAssembly), Kong