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Multi-Cluster Failover and Observability with Kong Mesh

Event Ended
January 23, 2024

Kong Mesh is an enterprise-grade service mesh built on top of Kuma, an open-source CNCF project. Kong Mesh provides traffic control, observability, and security for complex microservices architectures.

One of the strengths of Kong Mesh is its multi-cluster capabilities and ease of use. In this webinar, we’ll show how to configure a highly available setup from scratch by leveraging Kong Mesh policies to achieve automatic failover across clusters. If there is a failure in one cluster, Kong Mesh will automatically route traffic to another available cluster without dropping requests.We will observe all of this from one place using our OpenTelemetry plugin.

We will visualize the automatic failover behavior and monitor application metrics to showcase how Kong Mesh handles observability within a complex multi-cluster architecture.

Presented By
Charly Molter
Engineering Manager @ Mesh Team