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Streamline Your AI Integration: A Deep Dive into Kong AI Gateway

Event Ended
April 16, 2024

Join us to learn about the AI Gateway concept and explore the rapidly evolving landscape of large language models (LLMs) in modern applications. With the surge of AI providers and the lack of standardization, organizations face significant challenges in adopting and managing AI services effectively. Kong's AI Gateway, built on the proven Kong Gateway platform, addresses these challenges head-on, empowering developers and organizations to harness the power of AI quickly and securely.

We will dive into the key features of the AI Gateway, including:

  • Kong AI Proxy: A low-level component that integrates with multiple AI services, normalizing APIs and providing a decoupled "inference" format across various AI products and services. We will showcase its rich analytics capabilities with Datadog and Splunk dashboard demos.
  • Kong AI Auxiliary Features: We will explore prompt templating for guided AI usage, prompt protection using regular-expression banning and Azure Content Services integration, and prompt engineering at the gateway level. These features enable conversation steering, context setting, and protection of model usage while aiding beginners and maintaining control over AI usage.
  • AI Usage Enhancement: Discover how Kong can leverage AI to enrich existing APIs by transforming, sanitizing, or blocking requests and responses, creating new AI-driven traffic and enhancing API products.

We will demo how the AI Gateway simplifies credential management, enables AI usage observability, and provides governance controls. We will also highlight the ease of integration using Kong's no-code AI Plugins, allowing developers to enhance existing applications without custom code.

Join us to learn how Kong's AI Gateway can accelerate your organization's AI adoption, enhance governance, and unlock new possibilities for your API-driven applications. 

Presented By
Marco Palladino
CTO and Co-Founder
Jack Tysoe
Field Engineer, EMEA, Kong