Federated API Management – Striking a Balance Between Agility and Governance

Event Ended
April 18, 2023

Organizations have different API platform deployment models to choose from as they try to gain a competitive advantage by building more API faster and with greater security. In this webinar, we will compare the differences between centralized, siloed, and federated API management models — and dive into why federated API management is the key to striking a balance between agility and governance.

In this webinar, Kong Principal, Ash Osborne, and Kong Senior Director of Product Marketing, Syed Mahmood, compare the differences between API management models.

Key Takeaways

  • Get a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each model and which option might be right for your organization
  • Understand the role a federated API management model plays in raising an organization's engineering standards to build higher-quality APIs
  • How Kong provides the required components to implement federated API management models

Presented By
Syed Mahmood
Ash Osborne
Field CTO EMEA, Kong