API and Microservices Security for Gateways, Service Mesh, and Beyond

Event Ended
May 16, 2023

APIs and Microservices are as widely used as they've ever been, thanks to their immense utility. Unfortunately, that popularity brings an equal level of attention from attackers trying to exploit the same access and resources that sit behind this infrastructure. Sound security practices, processes, and tooling, have become essential to mitigate risks.

Key Takeaways

  • APIs and Microservices can be a dangerous threat if not secured.
  • Sound security pillars apply equally as they do to other technologies.
  • Applying those pillars with an API Gateway, ServiceMesh, and other tools is a prudent and necessary response.
Presented By
Ahmed Koshok
Senior Staff Solutions Engineer, Kong
Gaby Beitler
Senior Technical PMM, Kong
Paul Vergilis