Protect Your Applications and APIs with Real-Time Protection and Traffic Management

Event Ended
February 26, 2021

From the Traffic Management perspective, developers and operators should address multiple security requirements across all communications layers. For example:

  • Security threats related to OWASP Top 10, business logic attacks, application DDOS, brute force attacks, API abuse and misuse, and others
  • Layer 7 related requirements such as OAuth/OIDC based authentication processes, end user-oriented access control logic combining multiple policies to define new policy abstraction, API Keys, mTLS encrypted tunnels, and many others.

This webinar will showcase a comprehensive and seamless traffic management and security solution across platforms avoiding silos and re-work.

Attendees will experience how to adopt Signal Sciences and Kong Konnect as the preferred platform for mission-critical secured applications.

This webinar uses the experience of hundreds of practitioners and experts that have successfully implemented microservices within and across Signal Sciences and Kong Konnect at their organizations.

Presented By
Claudio Acquaviva
Principal Architect, Kong
Heshaam Attar