Global API Infrastructure the Fast and Easy Way

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Event time: May 14, 2024|9:00 AM PDT

Discover how Kong Konnect Dedicated Cloud Gateway delivers the fastest time-to-value, hands-free autoscaling, and reduced operational overhead

Building and maintaining your own global API Management infrastructure is challenging. To experience that value, you often contend with the complexities of ordering and installing hardware, and configuring software. And let’s not forget about the ongoing management and upkeep. How do you balance capital expenditure and capacity planning? How do you ensure uptime and reliability? How do you staff your SRE and SecOps team? What if there were a better way? What if there was an “easy” button?

Join us as we discuss how Kong Konnect Dedicated Cloud Gateways take the heavy lifting out of building and maintaining a global API Management infrastructure. You’ll learn how Dedicated Cloud Gateways compresses hours of best practices into one-click deployments, offering the fastest time to value. Find out how to manage, secure, and govern APIs across multiple regions in the public cloud. Plus, you’ll see how you can automatically scale your resources based on current demand, as well as leverage Kong’s expertise in running a modern and secure global API infrastructure.


  • How to implement multi-region connectivity with lower latency, increased reliability and enhanced security.
  • How to meet the fluctuating demands of your API traffic by automatically scaling resources
  • How to get started with Dedicated Cloud Gateways.
Presented By
Ross Kukulinski
Senior Director of Product Management, Kong
Bryan Nairn, CISSP
Head of Product Marketing