New in Kong Enterprise: DevOps-Driven Automation Across Hybrid Environments

Event Ended
August 26, 2020

Kong Enterprise 2.1 represents a fundamental shift in how customers can use and deploy Kong to manage increasingly complex implementations. New capabilities in 2.1 such as "Hybrid Mode" dramatically improve how customers can use DevOps-driven automation to run APIs and microservices across clouds and data centers. This presentation will cover what's new in Kong Enterprise 2.1, how it can improve your architecture, and why you should try it today. This release represents over a year of development effort, and we're excited to share the results with you.

Join Kong Director of Product Management, Shane Connelly, and Solutions Engineer Christoph Wurm to learn how you can use Kong Enterprise 2.1 to:

  • Use declarative configuration to deploy cloud native Kong Gateway data planes across multiple clouds and data centers, and manage them through a central control plane
  • Build Kong plugins in the popular Golang programming language to increase extensibility and make onboarding to Kong Enterprise easier
  • Create self-service access for API consumers to APIs in the Dev Portal through use of App Registration with any OIDC-compliant IdP
  • View analytics and generate usage reports for business value with a new Kong Vitals interface
  • Upgrade your Kong install from 1.x to 2.x or install a net-new version of Kong 2.x
Presented By
Shane Connelly
Christoph Wurm