Kong Insomnia: Transform your API Collaboration with Git Sync

Event Ended
April 1, 2022

Kong Insomnia is one of the most popular open source API design and testing tools. It allows you to collaborate with your team to build and debug your APIs. We've been busy delivering updates to Insomnia so far this year and one of the most exciting is the improved Git Sync experience. Git Sync lets you share your work in Insomnia through Git with your team, allowing your API specs, requests, and tests to be versioned alongside your code. Join us to learn more about the recent improvements and for a sneak peek into what's coming next in 2022.4!

We'll cover:

  • An overview of recent releases
  • What is Git Sync?
  • What has changed and what are the benefits?
  • What's next on the roadmap?

Presented By
Wils Dawson
Filipe Freire