How to Leverage CI/CD to Scale Your Microservices

Event Ended
January 16, 2020

The rise of microservices are tied to several clear benefits, namely flexibility and agility, but taking full advantage of what microservices-based architecture has to offer requires leveraging CI/CD tools. CI/CD allows development teams to write services and deploy features without interrupting or disturbing the process of other teams. Enabling automation, centralization and predictability, CI/CD tools and tactics allow development teams to iterate faster and ship more reliably.

In this webinar, Kong's Product Manager Nijiko Yonksai, and Senior Product Marketing Manager Mike Bilodeau cover the how and why for developing CI/CD pipelines - and how they enable microservices to scale.

Key Takeaways

    • Understand the advantages of a robust CI/CD process in microservices architectures.
    • Why conventional, manual processes won't cut it in a microservices architecture.
    • Best practices for designing pipelines that enable microservices to scale.
Presented By
Nijiko Yonskai
Mike Bilodeau