Operationalizing Enterprise Service Mesh and API Gateway at Scale

Event Ended
December 13, 2022

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As organizations move to a cloud native approach to application development, concerns with security, observability, and traffic management are increasing. Mesh and gateway architectural patterns have emerged as the leading approach to abstract these services out of the individual applications and into the application platform, resulting in improved developer productivity, increased operational efficiency, and adherence to security and compliance requirements.

However, choosing the wrong Mesh and API Gateway solutions can add to the complexity and introduce other operational challenges. How will you operationalize and support these new patterns in production use? It is critical to choose solutions that are easy to use and provide required enterprise-grade capabilities like observability, RBAC, plus change auditing to ensure teams can maximize the benefits the platform can offer.

In this session we will discuss and demonstrate how Kong's Service Mesh and API Gateway solutions allow organizations to operationalize a platform at scale, plus allow for distributed teams to easily expose, secure and observe their applications and services.

Key Takeaways

  • How to implement gateway and mesh patterns to ease service security, authentication, and traffic management.
  • Tactics to manage microservice connectivity without the complexity.
  • How to allow distributed teams to share the application platform.
Presented By
Jerry Hency
Vince Russo

Asia Pacific