Optimised API Management for the modern business

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Event time: June 19, 2024|12:00 PM BST

Unlock Next-Level API Governance with Kong

As we navigate the evolving landscape of API management, it's crucial to harness tools that not only meet current demands but are also scalable for future needs. During this session we will explore how Kong elevates the robust foundation provided by our Open Source Gateway, and offers enhanced management capabilities, seamless automation, and superior analytics all within a unified platform.

Discover how transitioning to Kong Konnect Platform can simplify your operations, provide advanced security features, and offer insights that drive your digital strategy forward. Join us as we unveil the path to optimised API management, tailored for modern enterprises.

At this webinar you will discover how Kong Konnect can empower your organization to navigate the complexities of modern service connectivity and take a leap forward in operational excellence and innovation.

During this session, you will learn;

  • Why organisations are moving to the Unified API Management Platform.
  • How to optimise your API management platform and what are the steps on your maturity journey when moving from Kong Open Source Gateway.
  • How to improve the speed of delivering your API Products with Unified API Management Platform and APIOps.
Presented By
Andy Klitovchenko
Senior Solutions Engineer, Kong
Thierry Mbemba
Senior Account Executive, Kong Inc