Performance Benchmark for Selecting Enterprise API Platforms

Event Ended
March 6, 2019

With organizations increasingly adopting microservices, practitioners must be prepared to manage an ever-increasing multitude of services and APIs. Making matters more challenging, organizations and development teams within them vary widely in the protocols, methods, authorization, authentication, and usage patterns that they use in critical production services. Not only do organizations depend on these services and need to ensure their proper management, they also need practically limitless scale-out potential for large scale deployments, high-throughput performance with 100% response rates and 24/7/365 availability.

This webinar, led by GigaOm contributor Jake Dolezal, and co-presented with GigaOm Analyst William McKnight and Mike Bilodeau, Product Marketing at Kong, focuses on the results of a performance benchmark completed with two popular API management solutions: Kong Enterprise and Apigee. These two players have surfaced as leaders within the critical vertical of API and microservice management. The webinar will highlight performance differences between Apigee and Kong Enterprise across commonly-used enterprise feature sets and discuss the critical factors to consider when selecting a high-performance API management platform.

Webinar takeaways:

  • The evolution and need of enterprise microservices and API Management
  • Today's API Management landscape
  • Assessing high performance platforms: GigaOm’s API Management benchmark
  • Considerations when selecting the right platform
Presented By
Jake Dolezal
William McKnight
Mike Bilodeau