[Tech Talk] Building a Cloud Agnostic API Platform – Design and Best Practices

Event Ended
March 16, 2023

In this episode of our Tech Talk series, Siddharth Saikumar (Cloud Security Engineering, Vanguard) and Ragunath Sudalaimuthu (Lead Software Engineer, Lowe’s) will show us design and best practices for building a cloud agnostic API platform.

Digital modernization accelerated the API ecosystem in every organization. A successful API strategy is paramount to an organization's growth trajectory.
In this session, we shall go over how to enable a cloud agnostic API platform with Kong Gateway on Kubernetes, with the power of a custom developer portal to reduce the time to market and ease of consumer management.We will cover a broad range of topics including: CI/CD, Kubernetes deployment and operators, Vault integration, Kong Ingress Controller, OpenTelemetry, REST/GraphQL API enablement, and more.
Presented By
Siddharth Saikumar
Ragunath Sudalaimuthu