[Tech Talk] Getting Started with Service Mesh Workshop 102: Traffic Policies

Event Ended
August 31, 2023

Join Viktor Gamov, Principal Developer Advocate at Kong, for an advanced service mesh workshop. You'll learn the practical application of key Service Mesh policies, including mTLS, Rate Limiting, Retry, and VirtualOutbound.

In this hands-on workshop:

– Viktor will break down the function and significance of mTLS for secure network communication.
– Rate Limiting will be explored, highlighting its importance in preventing overloads and managing resources.
– The Retry policy’s role in enhancing reliability and fault tolerance will be examined.
– We’ll also delve into the mechanisms of VirtualOutbound policies in controlling traffic flow.

Join us to elevate your understanding and skills in implementing these crucial service mesh policies using Kuma or Kong Mesh.

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Presented By
Viktor Gamov