The Most Prevalent Code Flaws in API Development and How Hackers Exploit Them

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Event time: July 25, 2024|9:00 AM PDT

The wide adoption of cloud-native and microservice-based applications to connect applications, data, and devices across the enterprise has led to an exponential growth in APIs. But as the API ecosystem grows, so does the risk of exposing sensitive data. APIs get directly to critical and sensitive data, making them a valuable target for hackers. How can you ensure your APIs are protected from malicious attacks and unauthorized access?

Join Inon Shkedy, Head of Security Research at Traceable AI and co-author of the OWASP API Top 10 Project, as he takes a closer look at the largest, most common API vulnerabilities. In this session, Inon will cover:

  • The most prevalent code flaws in API security
  • How hackers target these flaws
  • How you can protect your organizations APIs and applications
Presented By
Inon Shkedy
Head of Security Research , Traceable AI