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The world’s most popular API gateway. Built for hybrid and multi-cloud, optimized for microservices and distributed architectures. Get started today – download Kong Gateway for free.

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Sub-millisecond performance

Looking for sub-millisecond processing latency to support thousands of transactions per second? The lightweight Kong Gateway core has you covered.

Universal deployment

Kong Gateway supports hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure, and includes a Kubernetes-native ingress solution and support for declarative configuration management

Unlimited extensibility

Need more functionality to integrate with your IdP, add an API key to a service or simply transform requests before they hit your server? There’s a plugin for that.

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“Kong came out a clear winner”

See where Kong stacks up for companies that experience workloads of more than 1,000 transactions per second and need a maximum latency of less than 30 milliseconds

Accelerate your microservices journey with the world’s most popular API gateway

Accelerate your microservices journey with the world’s most popular API gateway

Focus on building, not operations

Kong Gateway is part of the Konnect managed connectivity platform. Konnect delivers connectivity functionality such as API Portals and AI-based anomaly detection, while providing the flexibility of running high performance connectivity runtimes.

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Expand capabilities with plugins

Use one of the many plugins developed by Kong or our community to add the functionality you need. Can’t find what you need? Build your own plugin with our built in, well-documented plugin development kit.


Be an APIOps superhero

Configure Gateway natively using an API, web UI, or with declarative configuration to manage updates via your CI/CD pipelines.

Support for multiple operating environments

We have packages that support management within Docker containers or traditional servers like Debian and RedHat.

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Run natively on Kubernetes

Our Kubernetes Ingress controller uses native CRDs that allow users to declaratively configure every aspect of Gateway from plugins, health checks, load balancing and more.

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Add your Service and Route on Kong

    After installing and starting Kong, use the Admin API on port 8001 to add a new Service and Route. In this example, Kong will reverse proxy every incoming request with the specified incoming host to the associated upstream URL. You can implement very complex routing mechanisms beyond simple host matching.

    $ curl -i -X POST \
    --url http://localhost:8001/services/ \
    --data 'name=example-service' \
    --data 'url=http://example.com'
          $ curl -i -X POST \
    --url http://localhost:8001/services/example-service/routes \
    --data 'hosts[]=example.com' \
  2. Add Plugins on the Service

    Then add extra functionality by using Kong Plugins. You can also create your own plugins!

    $ curl -i -X POST \
    --url http://localhost:8001/services/example-service/plugins/ \
    --data 'name=rate-limiting' \
    --data 'config.minute=100'
  3. Make a Request

    ...and then you can consume the Service on port 8000 by requesting the specified host. In production setup the public host DNS to point to your Kong cluster. Kong supports much more functionality, explore the Hub and the documentation.

    $ curl -i -X GET \
    --url http://localhost:8000/ \
    --header 'Host: example.com'