Kong Enterprise Edition (EE)

The end-to-end API platform for mission-critical applications.

Running Mission-critical Microservices & APIs on Kong EE

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Accelerate your Enterprise transition to Microservices

Kong Enterprise is our powerful offering for larger organizations in need of security, monitoring, compliance, developer onboarding, higher performance, granular access and a dashboard to manage Kong easily.

Schedule a Kong Enterprise Demo

Learn how your organization benefits from securing, managing, and orchestrating microservice APIs with Kong Enterprise. Request a demo to discuss your use cases with our API gateway experts and to learn how to:
  • Speed development cycles
  • Standardize authentication across all your APIs
  • Improve application scalability while reducing transaction latency
  • Implement fine-grained control over HTTP requests and responses
  • Monitor application vital signs and API behavior in real-time
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with open source API gateway technology
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