Don't let Gravitee pull you down

Gravitee is a legacy Java-based proxy - too slow and resource intensive for your cloud native environments.
Kong’s future-proof and fast cloud native API platform easily handles complex mixes of legacy and cutting-edge tech.

Read on to see how Kong unleashes developer productivity and your organization’s potential.

Kong is the cloud native API platform trusted by innovative organizations to strengthen the connections at the core of modern applications.


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Trusted by over 560+ large and small customers across all industries

Kong vs Gravitee



Technology stack

Lightweight and cloud native architecture

Complex legacy architecture


Easy installation and fewer components to manage

Complex and difficult to install*

Environments supported

Supports wide range of environments

Limited environments supported

Community support

Massive community support

Weak community support


Unlimited extensibility

Limited plugin capabilities

Serverless support

Support for serverless functions

Plugin only for AWS Lambda


Extensive advanced authentication capabilities

Limited authentication support

GraphQL support


Not supported

Enterprise-grade support and services

Dedicated team of technical experts

Limited support staff

Strategic partnerships

Strong technology partnerships

No cloud partnerships

Kong named a Gartner© Magic Quadrant™
Leader for Full Life Cycle API Management

Positioned furthest on the vision axis, 3 years in a row

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Hear what leading enterprises have to say about why they choose Kong

Kong claims top marks in G2's API Management reports

Kong named a G2 leader, ranked in Top 5 Easiest to Use API Management Tools

Manage event-driven APIs easily

Today’s modern enterprise architectures need to take advantage of all the common interaction models, which can include synchronous, AsyncAPIs, event-driven, and WebSocket-based APIs.

Kong provides the leading platform for ensuring your APIs and events can both play leading roles in ensuring your ongoing digital innovation. With support for Kafka Upstreams and WebSockets, Kong empowers organizations to deliver the ideal digital solutions for the modern world.


See how our Kafka Upstream plugin transforms requests into Kafka messages in an Apache Kafka topic.

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Watch Viktor Gamov break down using Apache Kafka, API gateway, and service mesh for cloud connectivity.

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Learn more about getting started with Event Hooks in Kong.

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Opt for uncomplicated API management

Don’t let Gravitee keep you from soaring in the clouds