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Think Twice When Evaluating Tyk

Tyk is an early-stage startup with limited ability to support enterprise scale. Kong’s comprehensive cloud native API platform, thriving open source community, and experienced in-house technologists will ensure your organization has the support it needs to consistently deliver compelling digital experiences.

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Easy installation with or without a database. Go DB-less, choose Hybrid mode or let us manage the control plane and database with Kong Konnect.

Complex to set up with all deployment models requiring a database for installation*.

Community Support

Extensive and active open source community
(4x Stars, 3x contributors).

A much smaller open source community that can limit time to resolution when issues arise.

Full Lifecycle API Management

Build, deploy, optimize and secure APIs with Kong Konnect, Kong Gateway, Kong Insomnia,
and Kong Mesh.

Limited API design capabilities and no service mesh, leading to higher overhead and security risks.

Federated API Management

Balance agility and governance across disparate environments, teams, and technology stacks. 

Lacking advanced governance capabilities and limited support for complex authorization scenarios.

Extensibility & Customization

400+ plugins spanning across security, authentication, traffic control and more. 

Limited customization available, including the inability to customize layouts, headers or branding. 

CI/CD Integrations

Implement APIOps to streamline the CI/CD process, manage API configuration as code, automate testing, and integrate with GitOps workflows.

Difficult to automate testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline or to manage configuration as code via the Dashboard UI or REST API.

Performance & Scalability

Ultra-lightweight and infinitely scalable with support for 50K+ transactions per second per node and sub-millisecond latency.

Inherent architectural bottlenecks involved with the licensing model and the difficulty to set up and connect nodes.


Cost is never a factor when choosing where, when or how many data planes to provision.

The more environments and users you have, the more you are charged — making it difficult to efficiently scale beyond small projects.

Auditing & Reporting

Analyze usage patterns, quickly identify bottlenecks and generate reports on API compliance with industry-standard HIPAA and PCI regulations.

Tyk’s audit trail does not capture all events or actions performed within the system (such as changes to API configurations or user permissions).

Enterprise grade support and services

Connect with a dedicated team of SMEs across the globe for onboarding and high-quality support.

Limited support bandwidth to meet the demands of a rapidly growing enterprise API program.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Visionary Leader in the Gartner MQ for 3 years in a row and positioned furthest to the right for Completeness of Vision.

One of the smallest vendors listed in the Gartner MQ by revenue.

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