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Take control of your APIs across any environment

Kong Enterprise is the fastest, most feature-advanced, and secure API management solution built on Kong Gateway — the world’s most adopted API gateway.

Modernize legacy applications, deliver outstanding digital customer experiences, and accelerate your time to market — with enterprise plugins, developer portal, analytics, advanced security, user interface, and 24/7 production-ready support.

Powering reliable API connections for the largest brands
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Other API management tools can't compete

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Run-anywhere flexibility

APIs on legacy hardware? Kubernetes? Cloud? All of the above? Our deployment-agnostic runtime has you covered.

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Outrageous performance

Kong is 446x faster than the competing API management tools. (But with 31x higher throughput, is it even a competition?)

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Unlimited extensibility

Leverage 400+ enterprise and community plugins for authentication, API security, traffic control, and more. Or build plugins for your unique needs.

How the Kong Enterprise API management solution works

Siloed applications sink enterprise digital transformation efforts. Kong Enterprise helps you accelerate your cloud journey by managing, monitoring, and governing connections between applications across on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments.

Kong Enterprise makes connections:

  • Known with a single pane of glass view
  • Discoverable in the Developer Portal, where APIs can be consumed and reused
  • Supported with automation workflows to realize faster time to market
  • Secured and governed with plugins and custom extensions
  • Observable with detailed analytics
Developer Portal Diagram

Unleash developer productivity — and your organization’s potential

Strip away tedious dev tasks, and reap the rewards of developer-driven innovation.
  • Provide APIs as a product to internal and external teams to locate, access, and consume through the customizable Developer Portal.
  • Add functionality to APIs and services with a wide range of out-of-the-box plugins and boost developer efficiency.
  • Avoid configuration drift by enabling declarative configuration and remove manual coding tasks by integrating all service types into existing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Streamline developer onboarding process with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). 
  • Integrate with Kong Insomnia to accelerate development of REST, GraphQL, Kafka, and gRPC services, increase collaboration, and standardize processes across teams. 
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Kong Enterprise Traffic Overview

Centralize and simplify management

Deliver connected digital customer experiences across clouds, platforms, and protocols. Kong Enterprise gives you one solution for bare metal to cloud native, monolith to microservices, mesh and beyond.
  • Kong Enterprise works with emerging and legacy technologies, supporting multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-prem and Kubernetes and VM-based deployments at scale.
  • Natively support gRPC and REST, WebSockets and integrate with Apollo GraphQL server and Apache Kafka services. 
  • The elegant Kong Manager interface and simple one-click operations make managing and monitoring services across your entire organization easy.
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Kong Enterprise Plugins

Simplify API security and governance

Ideal for air-gapped deployments. Easily apply API security best practices, and speed up delivery without sacrificing on security and compliance.
  • Empower development teams to consistently apply fine-grained security and traffic policies via plugins, including mutual TLS, OpenID Connect, Open Policy Agent, OAuth 2.0, and many more.
  • Kong Enterprise is self-managed and features a FIPS 140-2 compliant gateway, making it ideal for highly regulated industries with strict compliance and security considerations.
  • Get out-of-the-box support for third-party secrets managers, such as AWS Secrets Manager and Hashicorp Vault, for centrally managing and storing secrets.
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Run natively on Kubernetes

100% Kubernetes-native architecture and interfaces let you take full advantage of the power of Kubernetes.
  • Configure Kong Gateway the same way as Kubernetes with Kong Ingress Controller. 
  • Implement traffic management, transformations, and observability across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.
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Ready to get started?

Get control of the connections at the heart of your business. Kong Enterprise extends the world’s fastest, most trusted gateway with enterprise plugins, developer portal, analytics, security features, GUIs, 24/7 support, and more.

Get enterprise-grade services and support

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Got an issue? Connect with our skilled in-house SMEs within minutes.
  • We complement our industry-leading API management solution with predictable, best-in-class support services.
  • Whether you’re deploying Kong Enterprise for multiple teams across the globe or getting started with the first use case for your department, our team of pros have you covered.
  • Level up your team with Kong Academy courses combining instruction, hands-on labs exercises, and quizzes around API connectivity principles and best practices. 
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Our recipe for simple, fast, and enterprise-grade API management at scale

Kong Manager

Simple and intuitive UI to create Services and Routes, manage plugins, monitor performance, and more.

Kong API Analytics

Quickly access key statistics, monitor vital signs, and pinpoint anomalies in real time to see exactly how your APIs and gateway are performing.

Developer Portal

Easily onboard new developers, generate API documentation, create custom pages, and secure developer access.

Enterprise and Open Source Plugins

Instantly implement policies built for global scale to enable authentication, security, rate-limiting, and more.


Built on top of a lightweight proxy, the Kong Gateway delivers unparalleled latency performance and scalability for all applications regardless of where they run. Natively manage your APIs and gateway in Kubernetes using Kong Ingress Controller.

Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Manager Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Analytics Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Portal Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Plugins Layer
Kong Enterprise Product Layers Diagram - Runtime Layer