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open source API gateway

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Lightweight, fast, and flexible cloud native API gateway

Ridiculously fast

Ultra-lightweight, infinitely scalable NGINX engine with 50K+ transactions per second per node.

Always flexible

Kong Gateway delivers the architectural flexibility you need to operate across any cloud, platform, or protocol. 

Deployed instantly

Configure Kong Gateway natively using an API, web UI, or declarative configuration to manage updates via CI/CD pipelines.

Why Kong Gateway?

Built for hybrid and multi-cloud, optimized for microservices and distributed architectures.


Fully automated

  • Automate each phase of the API and microservices lifecycle through declarative configuration.
  • Easily apply proven principles of DevOps and GitOps to bring applications online faster.
Installation Options

Deployment agnostic

  • Run Kong Gateway in any environment, platform, and implementation pattern — from on-prem to cloud, Kubernetes, and serverless
  • Flexibility to configure Kong Gateway with or without database, and in hybrid or cloud-hosted modes.

Highly extensible

  • Exercise granular control over your API traffic with out-of-the-box security, authentication, transformation, and analytics plugins.
  • Easily extend Kong Gateway to support unique use cases with custom plugins via Kong's Plugin Development Kit.
Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Kubernetes native

  • Configure Kong Gateway the same way as Kubernetes with Kong Ingress Controller.
  • Implement traffic management, transformations, and observability across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.

Open source DNA

  • Built on a trusted and widely adopted open source technology and driven by a massive developer community

  • Share resources, knowledge, and best practices for building and deploying APIs

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Kong Gateway for every stage
of your API journey

Kong Gateway
for Open Source

Kong Gateway
for Kong Enterprise

Kong Gateway
for Kong Konnect

Fast, Lightweight, Cloud-Native

End-to-End Automation

Kubernetes Native

Gateway Mocking

Plugin Ordering

Federated API Management

Workspaces provide some isolation

Control planes provide strong isolation

Data plane Resilience

Consumer Groups

Kong Gateway propels enterprise success

Kong is a natural fit for PEXA embarking on the modernization journey. It ticks all the boxes — scalability, security, and self-service — which takes the hassle of managing APIs

Simon Vallegra
General Manager of Technology Operations and Digital Delivery
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Reduction in costs

With Kong, we’ve taken a big leap forward in our ability to reduce operational overhead while efficiently scaling to support the increase in traffic requests from our rapidly growing customer base.

Neha Jaiswal
Product Manager at Australia Post, API Platform & Central Services
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onboarding reduced
from days to hours

Mercedes-Benz decided to focus on Kong as their recommended choice because it's suitable for both small and large instances providing simple configuration, operation and monitoring.

Benjamin Bertow
Senior Technical Lead and Product Owner
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APIs seamlessly

Kong has produced an 85% reduction in gateway overhead compared to our previous proprietary solution, in addition to being 90% more resource efficient.

Ross Sbriscia
Lead Software Engineer at UnitedHealth Group
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operational overhead

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