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GCash is the leading mobile wallet and fintech platform in the Philippines, providing over 65 million Filipinos access to financial services through their mobile phones. Launched in 2004, GCash has grown to offer a wide range of financial services including payments, remittances, savings, insurance, investments, and more. GCash plans to further expand the availability of their mobile wallet, in countries including India, Malaysia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

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RegionAsia Pacific
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Customer Since2021

infrastructure cost savings


engineers Kong certified through provided training


With increasing users and transactions, GCash needed to scale its infrastructure while maintaining reliability and security. The team at GCash had been using Kong Gateway Community Edition for several years and while it had been a good fit for the organization in the past, they would need to evolve to support their future. As John Vincent Biscocho, Head of Infrastructure Management and Governance at GCash says, “We needed to achieve a more mature posture with our Kong infrastructure, and to do that, we needed to migrate to Kong Gateway Enterprise.”


With Kong Gateway Community Edition as the foundation of their new microservices architecture, GCash was able to implement a decentralized architecture while enforcing consistency and reliability. It also enabled GCash to incrementally expose legacy services as well-defined APIs and migrate them to microservices over time. The API gateway enforced security, rate limiting, and access control consistently across microservices, and Kong's plugin architecture allowed GCash to extend functionality as needed, like integrating authentication with internal identity systems.

However, the GCash team wanted the ability to partner with Kong’s professional services and support to help build the future of their API infrastructure. Biscocho and the team worked hand in hand with their Kong account team to understand the options available to them as they explored their new infrastructure requirements.


Since transitioning to Kong Gateway Enterprise, the GCash team has enjoyed remarkable success. Collaborating closely with Kong's professional services team, they embarked on a journey of discovery, transforming their traditional API model into a more streamlined APIOps approach. A pivotal element in launching their API Monetization program was establishing a centralized hub for monitoring and governing APIs, ensuring proper ingestion and adherence to predefined guidelines. Furthermore, they spearheaded a transformative initiative to reconfigure their infrastructure, resulting in an estimated monthly cost savings of $70,000. As GCash deconstructed its central monolithic infrastructure, the twin pillars of observability and governance assumed paramount importance. These factors are the cornerstone of upholding API standards and reducing redundant APIs across different teams.

"Partnering with Kong has truly transformed our journey at GCash. Through our collaboration, we've unlocked extraordinary outcomes and achieved remarkable results with Kong Gateway Enterprise that would have been unattainable using Kong Gateway Community Edition alone."

Angelo Nico Alina
Head of Technical Architecture

Biscocho and his team at GCash also aspired to build an API Center of Excellence within GCash to support the organization’s accelerated growth. To achieve this, they have established learning and development as a crucial pillar for their technical teams. “Our internal technical resources must be equipped with both the skillset and the capabilities to support Kong as a product,” says Biscocho. To date, Kong has assisted 40 GCash Infrastructure engineers in completing both foundation and intermediate courses – a huge milestone in the team’s journey to creating an API COE. 

“Kong has become the partner of preference for the GCash team, helping us develop a more stable, flexible, and dynamic API-first strategy that will have a positive impact on our business for years to come.”

John Vincent Biscocho
Head of Infrastructure Management and Governance, GCash

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