SKY Brasil Instills Infrastructure Excellence with Kong

The largest satellite services provider in Brazil depends on Kong to streamline its architecture


Elevating the Brazilian Pay-TV Industry

Initially launched in 1996 to pioneer digital signal programming, SKY has since established itself as one of the de-facto leaders in the Brazilian multimedia industry with 5.3 million customers and counting representing well over 30% of the nations total pay-TV market share.

In a digital world where consumer attention is now a driving currency, it is in SKY's DNA to stay attuned to the ever-changing market trends in order to strategically pursue new channel development that will promote customer convenience and ease of use.

As a leader in the space, and now as a subsidiary of DirectTV, SKY is well-equipped to continue pushing the boundaries of the Brazilian Pay-TV industry while elevating the accessibility of its digital catalog across Brazil and beyond.

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reduction in API gateway operational costs




Reduced service discovery time


Cord-Cutting From the Monolithic Model

With the rise of internet-enabled mobile devices, it's no surprise that along with the traditional analog TV format, many consumers are now also expecting to access the same level of digital entertainment at their fingertips, on the go and on-demand at their leisure.

To match this trend and to support the agile development requirements of SKYs new mobile-friendly product line, Digital IT Manager Heidson Lima and his team decidedly moved towards decomposing the company's monolith in favor of embracing a distributed microservices architecture.
During this process, Kong was handpicked as SKY's API management solution to help the organization accelerate its microservices transformation while providing consistent governance and service uptime to match.

"With Kong governing our infrastructure, it has allowed us to better manage our microservices environment and optimize our application uptime," said Lima. "When looking at our distributed environments across the board, we've been able to lift our uptime to 99.98%."


SKY Prioritizes Kong Amidst Kubernetes Transformation

To bring its next chapter of multimedia innovation to market, SKY set out to launch several new digital products across the web, with a particular focus on e-commerce, chatbot messaging, and mobile messaging applications.

In order to ensure consistent and efficient delivery cycles of the new digital channels in question, Lima and his team initiated a plan to orchestrate their new loosely coupled microservices within a Kubernetes environment all while leveraging Kong's Kubernetes Ingress Controller as one of the main linchpins in their modern architectural shift.

"Migrating to the cloud was our first priority, and then Kubernetes became a critical component of our cloud transformation at SKY," Lima shared. "Our team is now using Kong's Kubernetes Ingress Controller to help elevate our cloud strategy and alleviate challenges around managing our containerized deployments at scale."


Expediting Multi-Channel Service Discovery With Kong’s Development Portal

In comprising a team of more than 200 developers to support the organizations emerging distributed architecture, SKY required a framework to ensure operational efficiency was established across the underpinnings of its multi-channel product portfolio.

With Kong's development portal in place as the central hub for publishing relevant API documentation, SKY's internal and external development teams have been able to successfully expedite their service discovery time via a streamlined onboarding experience.

"It used to take us several days to locate APIs within our legacy systems," said Lima. "Now with the flexibility that Kong's development portal provides us, we can discover new APIs and services in a matter of minutes. We've been able to reduce our overall service discovery time by 90%."

All-Encompassing Visibility Allows SKY to Rapidly Scale

Since kicking off its vendor relationship with Kong, SKY has jump-started its containerization strategy with well over 700 Kubernetes clusters now all being powered by Kong's platform.

Along with witnessing a 70% reduction in overall cloud operational costs from replacing its incumbent API gateway with Kong, Heidson Lima shared that his team has also found great value in using Kong to achieve a granular view and understanding of the organization's distributed multi-cloud architecture allowing for his team to properly allocate development resources to emerging digital products that have shown the highest propensity for growth and business ROI moving forward.

"With Kong providing my team with an all-encompassing view of our digital infrastructure, we can now quickly see which mission-critical applications require our attention and then properly administer development resources and support as needed," Lima shared. "Kong has become the main API gateway used across SKY and will continue to support all of SKYs current and future applications."

"Kong has become an essential component of our enterprise platform. Along with powering all of our digital applications hosted in Kubernetes, we trust all of our products across the entire organization to run through Kong."

Heidson Lima
Digital IT Manager, SKY Brazil

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